Swanston Street

New School of Thought

Scape Living
Swanston Street
In Progress

New student accommodation on Swanston Street, sited to connect with RMIT’s developing New Academic Street precinct.

Foolscap Studio has been engaged to elevate the daily living experiences offered by an internationally focused student accommodation provider. Projects are in progress at several sites across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, developing amenities that complement some of the country’s most progressive tertiary education institutions.

For Melbourne’s Swanston Street, we’re working on a vibrant community setting for student life. Alongside London-based Ab Rogers Design, who developed the highly functional private rooms, we’re drawing on the dynamism of Melbourne’s CBD to create distinct communal zones that support, inspire and engage. From multifunctional social spaces to serene studio havens, Swanston Street will be an ideal place to connect, collaborate and learn.

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