Clear Thinking

Monbulk, Victoria
Accommodation / Retreat

Every now and then, a project introduces itself differently.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, set in the beautiful forest ranges of the Dandenongs, is home to a community of Buddhist monks, nuns and members of the public, as residents or visitors. The temple and meditation centre were established in pursuit of world peace, by providing Dharmic teaching in a calming and inspiring place of learning, respite and practice. As a non-profit entity, gains from courses and accommodation are fully donated to the International Temples Project.

For an endeavour that with a pure and positive agenda opens its doors to anyone seeking inner-peace – and in doing so, encourages cherishing our neighbours – we undertook to gift a refurbishment to a place that has given us much through its mission.

Our redesign of living and guest rooms, the retail space, reception and communal areas aims to elevate the internal atmosphere, supports a contemporary Buddhist practice and matching the quieting feeling of the surrounding picturesque bushland.

A sense of soft lightness permeates the spaces, with clean lines and cool tones in uncomplicated joinery, and warm textures are introduced through natural textiles. We have designed bunk beds for the group accommodation to bring a new level of comfort and inspiration to spending time with people on a shared journey.

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