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Beacon Lighting’s new offices are a celebration of the company’s people and their successes – grown from a small, family-run business into a thriving corporation.

Adopting a flexible working model, the Beacon offices are designed to be open and collaborative; ‘bringing down the walls’ between different areas of the business to unite teams and conjuring a sense of energy and excitement around coming into work.

The project is based around three main themes, the first being “Beacon as a conductor in the market”. Here, Foolscap focussed on activated spaces (or conducting spaces) and quiet (non-conducting) spaces to support many modes of working.

Foolscap has employed materiality and lighting as a dynamic tool for expressing activated and quiet zones. Vibrant colours, warm walnut timbers, metal detailing and custom lighting are used to activate workspaces, break-out zones, and informal meeting points.

Quieter zones are expressed through pared-back palettes. Here, walls are finished in a textured warm white paint while coloured carpet tiles highlight specific zones. Earthy green flooring is used in the meeting rooms; with pink flooring in the boardroom, and orange in the phone booth.

Working with the second concept of ‘Beacon as a network’, Foolscap planned the location of zones and the circulation paths between these; forming connections between dedicated desks, quiet spaces, meeting rooms, and the social hub.

Visitors are welcomed by an impactful custom reception desk with veined marble surface and bespoke tile joinery finished in an arresting terracotta glaze. Beyond is a custom light feature integrated into the expanse of full-height joinery.

The ‘Town Hall’ space features a fully equipped kitchen and furnishing solutions primed for workshops. Foolscap’s own inviting Soufflé sofa system brings this space to life; its dynamic modular components supporting casual meetings.

Informed by the final concept of ‘Beacon as a Luminary’, Foolscap has developed a custom lighting strategy with Masson, as well utilising Beacon’s large inventory of lighting. Extra consideration was taken to deliver power and data to workstations through the ceiling.

“Beacon Lighting really encapsulates the new wave of flexible workspaces designed to support remote working, while also offering activated and busy workspaces where people want to come together, collaborate, and connect,” said Beacon Lighting CEO, Glen Robinson.

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