Mini Bar

The Golden Age of Travel

Flinders St, Melbourne
Tom Blachford

Shortlisted, AIDA Awards 2017, Hospitality

As the first piece within the evolution of the Punt Hill hotels brand, Mini Bar activates the Flinders Street site through a concept informed by the golden age of travel. Like the traditional steamer trunk or a hotel drinks cabinet, Mini Bar reveals itself as a compact yet highly crafted space, designed with functionality at its core. And like the hotel mini bar, it’s classic, compact and playful.

The design narrative reflects the advances during the golden age of the 1920s and 30s. This marked a turning point in travel by train or ship, bringing new experiences and expanding horizons. Glamour and the promise of adventure were central to the era.

The combined lobby, concierge and bar experience reflects these ideas, and the original use of the site as a foundry, within a contemporary context. Mini Bar represents the new Golden Age, where travel is being redefined once again, driven by contemporary culture, technology and changing expectations. Design, treatment and detail reference the 1920’s and 30’s expressed through natural, raw or recycled materials.

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