Clemenger BBDO

Organic Organisation
for an Organic Organisation

Clemenger BBDO
Melbourne, Australia
Martina Gemmola

Winner, Belle Interior Design Awards 2013, Best Workplace Design

Clemenger BBDO approached Foolscap to create a space within their existing office that would house the two brands in a dynamic setting that echoed the exciting new work of the agency.

Moving away from the traditional workspace format, forms were derived from cellular structures. Linking together like cells seen in chemistry charts, the workstations are connected with smaller movable tables to allow for flexibility and dynamic working modes. Other surfaces provide spaces for impromptu meetings. The design ideology for the space has been derived from ‘rhizomatic’ organic structures; a type of organism that connects underground to access nutrients. This concept began to reflect the organisation and how they could grow to accommodate new team members whilst still interconnecting.

The result is a cultural shift in the organization, through a space where the sharing of ideas and collaborative work become the norm and are facilitated and encouraged by the work space. As several teams share the space, Foolscap developed a design that allowed for group or individual work, as well as linking to the client-facing and reception areas. Custom lights reminiscent of cells, as well lofted fabric canopies to reduce glare act as dynamic elements within the glass atrium space and over desks.

Lighting designed in collaboration with Mance intersect above the canopies and are activated by sensors. This creates an interactive and ever-changing element which also acts as wayfinding to direct occupants from reception down to other areas, drawn in by the lab-like activity.

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