Working from Home, Homing from Work

Workplace, Hospitality, Residential
Willem-Dirk du Toit

Shortlisted, Designers Australia Awards 2022, Use Category
Shortlisted, The Design Files 2020, Furniture
Shortlisted, IDEA Awards 2020, Object – Furniture and Lighting
Longlisted, Dezeen Awards 2020, Seating Design

Designed in Melbourne by Foolscap Studio.
Design Reg. No. 201913806 

The Soufflé is made to order. Manufactured and distributed locally by grazia&co. Order now through the grazia&co website.

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Dynamic, fluid, and capable of endless configurations, the Soufflé is a modular interior landscape.

In a rapidly changing world where workplace and home environments collide, the Soufflé challenges perceptions, expectations and experiences by blending work, life and leisure modes into a singular, highly-customisable lounge system. Its high level of flexibility encourages expression and stimulates creativity, challenging the status quo of what workplace and domestic furniture needs to be and how we use it.

Initially designed for our own future-forward studio space The Cloud, we’ve envisioned a seating system to suit a variety of commercial settings – be it sophisticated hotel lobby, retail destination or workplace breakout. In the home, pushed together into pit mode, it’s the perfect spot for projector movie nights, to spread out on with a book in hand, or even a mid-afternoon nap.

The Soufflé aptly derives its name from the collective noun for clouds, which, as an interior concept, was key to tying all elements together in a way that felt light, approachable, and ever-changing. The Soufflé embodies these qualities through its infinite configurations, foam structure and dynamic design language.

The Soufflé celebrates ‘slow-design’ thinking. Like other notable designs that exhibit a high degree of modularity, individual pieces can be passed onto family and friends throughout a lifetime – and without any sharp edges or hard materials, it’s one-hundred percent child friendly. The Soufflé also grows with its user: from a bijou studio apartment in your twenties, a family home in your fifties, to a bungalow in your eighties.

With an injection of frivolity, the Soufflé’s unexpectedly fun forms bring about reactions of delight to those that use it, and yet there’s a restrained poetry in its adaptable, block-module composition. Whether in isolation or composed into interesting arrangements, the Soufflé’s sinuous backrest offsets its rectilinear forms, catching light and casting shadows to create a wholly unique spectacle. Combined with its multigenerational appeal, the Soufflé is the sofa that keeps on giving.

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